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Eyes of Marrakesh — precious, sensual and warming. The scent of spices, limes and fragrant wood. Images of shadowy little side streets leading away from the busy Souk come to mind. Entangled in a small adventure of briefly being lost… The perfume contains one of the most precious essences in the world – the legendary Oud (Agarwood), which lends Eyes of Marrakesh its balmy-sweet and smoky note. In the Arab world, little chips of this cherished smoke wood are burned, and women and men gather around the incense burner to let their clothing take on the scent of the Oud. Eyes of Marrakesh embraces and seduces you, working as an aphrodisiac. 

Friendly Hunting Candle Eyes of Marrakesh

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  • Each candle is individually hand-crafted at a manufacturing plant in southern Germany.

    All our scented candles are made of one hundred percent natural soy wax and contain no animal-based ingredients.

    Make sure to let any new candle burn for at least one or two hours so that the wax can melt all the way to the rim, thus guaranteeing a more even burn.

    Our friendly hunting scented candles contain 180g and are sent in an attractive and exquisite box.


    Burn time ca. 35-40 hours.